The death of his daughter .. Details of the most difficult situation in the life of the artist Bassem Samra

The artist Bassem Samra said that he has no enemies, and none of his friends turned into enemies, continuing: I love my friends very much, continuing: Sometimes I grieve for myself because I smoke a lot and get angry a lot at myself because of this, especially since I drink two cans and am afraid of illness.

The artist, Basem Samra, added, during the “One of the People” program, broadcast on Al-Hayat channel, that the art industry is in crisis, continuing: The artist, Muhammad Madan Habibi, and the first time Muhammad Ramadan came out on the screen, was with me.

And the artist, Basem Samra, continued: “I challenge Muhammad Ramadan in anything, and he is my little brother, and I told him when he said that he is Number One and that I challenge him to act for 10 minutes of acting.

And the artist Bassem Samra said: I cannot advise Muhammad Ramadan, he runs his life in his own way, and Muhammad Ramadan is very kind and good, and I love him.

The artist, Basem Samra, added that he rejected the role of a bully, explaining that the most difficult thing in our work is to refuse a job, but I reject the role of a bully because I do not want to imagine myself in a specific role in all works.

And the artist, Bassem Samra, continued: I did not regret any work that I presented, and I am irritable and did not go to a psychiatrist, and I learn from my mistakes, including the compliment of a person at the expense of my work, and I am afraid of breaking up with anyone and I do not choose someone to keep my secrets.

The artist Bassem Samra pointed out that the loss of the daughter was the most difficult situation he was exposed to, explaining that it was a very painful thing, especially since in a dangerous juncture scene in which he was burying his daughter, he reviewed the position of his burial of his real daughter.

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