The death of Reem Al-Baroudi’s father after a struggle with illness

The artist’s father passed away a short time ago Reem Al-Baroudi After a struggle with illness, he was in intensive care in a hospital a short while ago.

The star, Reem Al-Baroudi, revealed in previous statements about the health condition of her father, who was recently exposed and subsequently transferred to a private hospital and underwent surgery, explaining to “The Seventh Day”: “My father’s condition is unstable and very critical, and I ask everyone to pray for him, and thank God for everything. And everything that our Lord answers is good.” Reem added, “My father is in intensive care, and I hope that God will heal him and make him safe.”

Reem Al-Baroudi revealed a few days ago that her father had a health problem and underwent surgery, and she wrote this in a post on her Instagram account, in which she asked everyone to pray for her and support her, and wrote in it: “O Lord, O Lord, Able, O Karim, He heals you, heals you, and makes you safe, Baba, in Critical condition please pray.

Recently, the artist, Reem Al-Baroudi, participated in the series “General Transportation”, written by a workshop of young authors, directed by Adel Adeeb, starring Mahmoud Hamida, Sawsan Badr, Samiha Ayoub, Ahmed Badir, Dina, Mirhan Hussein, Muhammad Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Mohsen Mohieldin, Iman Ayoub. , Abed Anani, Nahla Salama, Nour Khaled Al-Nabawy, Hajar Al-Sharnouby, Amira Adeeb, and a large number of artists, and its events take place in 30 episodes. .

Recently, Reem said, “I am proud of standing in front of a great and great star like the artist Mahmoud Hamida,” noting that she considers the series a watershed and important station in her artistic life..

The events of the Public Transport series revolved around the artist Mahmoud Hamida, who works as an employee of the Public Transport Authority, but he retires after he has advanced in age, and during his career he presented a great journey of struggle in his life, through his work as a bus driver who succeeded in raising his children. Excitement and suspense.

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