The divorce of Hassan Fouad, “Arabesque singer” and the interpreter of dreams, Sofia Zadeh

announced the artist Hassan Fouad The singer of the famous Arabesque series, his divorce from the dream interpretation expert, Dr. Sofia Zadeh, and Hassan Fouad said in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day” that he separated from Dr. Sofia Zadeh in silence after a marriage that lasted two years, as they got married in 2021 after each of them had previously experienced marriage, but it was not written. God continued this marriage, saying: “Praise be to God, all the choices of our Lord are good.”

On the technical level, the Arabesque singer said that he is about to finish filming the song “Ghat Washak”, written by Majid Mikhael, composed by Michael Ayad, and arranged by Peter Farah, noting that this is the artistic group with which he collaborated on the song “Siti Fatima”.

It is worth noting that the artist Hassan Fouad was discovered by the great lyricist Mamoun Al-Shennawy, and his talent was adopted by a number of art giants, including Baligh Hamdi, Muhammad Al-Muji, Kamal Al-Taweel, Abdel-Rahman Al-Abnoudi, Sayed Hijab, and Ammar Al-Sharei’i, who composed for him the wonderful Arabesque and Ali Ya Ali, where Hassan Fouad presented a number of masterpieces of series titles, including Arabesque, and Ali Baba, he also participated in the series “Wedge”.

Hassan Fouad’s breakthrough was when Al-Shari’i then chose him to sing the Arabesque series sequences, and at that time he was sitting on the throne of the songs of the serials’ sequences, Al-Hajjar and Muhammad Al-Hilu. Which also achieved great success to continue the march and success of Hassan Fouad and his brilliance in many works.

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