The doctor treating the artist, Hisham Selim, reveals the details of his illness and his last moments with lung cancer

Dr. Yasser Abdel Qader, Professor of Oncology at Qasr Al-Ainy Medicine, and the private doctor of the late artist Hisham Selim, revealed that he was being treated for lung cancer in the advanced stages of the disease due to smoking, explaining that he only discovered the disease in its late stages, so he underwent treatment for a whole year in a hospital. Dar Al Fouad.

Dr. Yasser Abdel Qader said in an exclusive statement to “The Seventh Day”, that the artist Hisham Selim took chemotherapy and immunotherapy, but he was relapsing in his progress in treatment and this is normal with lung cancer in the advanced stages of the disease.

Dr. Yasser Abdel Qader pointed out that lung cancer was only discovered in its late stages because the nature of the disease is that it does not appear with clear symptoms that the patient can detect early, explaining that 70% of lung cancer cases are not discovered except in the advanced stages of the disease, indicating that sputum A blood clot is one of the signs of advanced lung cancer.

He stressed that the goal of treatment in the advanced stages is to increase the patient’s life expectancy and alleviate pain, noting that he was treated in Egypt at Dar Al Fouad Hospital.

He explained, that Corona made us discover many cases of lung cancer in its early stages, thanks to the CT scan that was required from the Corona patient to confirm the diagnosis, noting that smoking is one of the main factors and it affects non-smokers as well, such as environmental pollution.

Dr. Yasser Abdel Qader explained that the artist, Hisham Selim, was being treated for lung cancer for a whole year, but it relapsed after the treatment, indicating that he was a person of top creativity, taste and respect, and he was a great personality and a collaborator with doctors and the nursing staff and responded to doctors’ orders, and he was in the last call He thanks me and the medical team for his treatment.

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