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The Egyptian Embassy in Athens calls for facilitating the DNA analysis of the people of Dhah

07:33 PM

Wednesday 09 November 2022


Ambassador Omar Amer, the Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Athens, stated that the embassy continued its contacts with the relevant Egyptian authorities over the past days to facilitate and exclude the families of the victims of the illegal immigration boat that sank off the Greek coast last week, in order to enable them to quickly conduct the DNA analysis that they demanded. The Greek authorities, so that the bodies can be matched and identified, and the approval of the Greek authorities is obtained to transfer the bodies to their relatives in Egypt.

The concerned authorities in Egypt have confirmed that the families of the victims (father and mother) can go, as of tomorrow morning, Thursday, corresponding to November 10, to the Forensic Medicine Authority in Sayeda Zeinab, next to the wall of Magra El-Ayoun, to do a DNA analysis, and that the Forensic Medicine Authority will provide the Egyptian embassy. In Athens, directly with the results of the analyzes, as soon as they are approved, so that they can be reported to the Greek authorities and the immediate release of the bodies and their transfer to Egypt.

The embassy would like to emphasize that it will continue its daily follow-up of all necessary procedures with the Greek side, which confirmed its full readiness to cooperate with the embassy in this regard, in order to ship the bodies whose identity will be confirmed, as well as facilitate all necessary procedures.

As the Egyptian embassy once again extends its sincere condolences and sympathy for the death and loss of the honorable sons of Egypt in this tragic accident, it would like to express its appreciation and gratitude for all the sincere efforts of the Egyptian community in Greece and abroad over the past period, which clearly demonstrated the magnanimity and humanity of the Egyptian people .

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