The Egyptian League standings table after today’s matches, Sunday 1/22/2023 .. Zamalek fifth

The Arab Contractors team rose to fourth place in the Egyptian league table after defeating Al-Dakhiliyah with two goals to one in the match that brought them together today, Sunday, in the opening of the fifteenth round of the Egyptian League competition.

The Arab Contractors reached the 27th point in the league standings and entered the golden square at the expense of a team Zamalek Who fell to fifth place and left the golden square, after its score stopped at 26 points after losing the summit match against Al-Ahly yesterday, Saturday, by three goals.

Al-Ahly team moved away from the top of the league with 34 points, 5 points behind the runner-up Future, while Pyramids finished third with 27 points, with a goal difference from El Mokawloon, which is equal to it in the number of points, and came in fourth place.

The Egyptian League standings table came as follows:

Egyptian league standings
Egyptian league standings

Al-Mokawloon defeated Al-Dakhiliya 2/1 and stormed the golden square of the league

The El Mokawloon team continued its series of victories in the league, achieving victory over Al Dakhiliya 2/1 in the match that took place between them at Othman Ahmed Othman Stadium in Jabal Al Akhdar in the opening of the fifteenth round of the league.

Barakat Ibrahim, the interior defender, advanced to his team in the 10th minute, and John Oakley, the El Mokawloon striker, equalized in the 54th minute, and Mamadou Niasse scored the second goal for the wolves in the fourth minute of stoppage time.

With this result, the Arab Contractors rose to fourth place with 27 points, while the balance of the interior froze at 13 points in the fourteenth place, at the expense of Zamalek, which became fifth.

The most famous referee of the match was the red card in the face of the interior duo, Clichy in the 37th minute, and Mahmoud Talaat in the 75th minute, which made the contractors control the match, which was met by a tight defense from the players of the police team, and despite the courage of the latter’s players, the Arab contractors succeeded in snatching the three points in Al-Zafir The last of the match to continue his successes and enter the golden square for the first time in a while.

Zamalek announces the renewal of confidence in Ferrera and rejects the resignation of Amir Mortada

The board of directors of the Zamalek club announced the renewal of confidence in the Portuguese Josevaldo Ferreira, the coach of the team, until Pharco’s last match in the first round of the league, despite the news that came out yesterday, regarding his departure from the team after the loss that Al-Abyad received from Al-Ahly by three without a response, in the 14th round matches. From the Egyptian Premier League competition at Cairo International Stadium.

The board of directors also decided to reject the resignation submitted by Amir Mortada Mansour, from his position as general supervisor of football at the White Club, and the Zamalek board of directors, headed by Chancellor Mortada Mansour, held a meeting today..

Al-Ahly resumes its training without rest, after winning the summit

The club’s first football team resumed its training today, Sunday, at the touch stadium in Al-Jazira, after defeating Zamalek yesterday, 3-0, in the match that brought the two teams together in the fourteenth round of the Premier League..

Koller met with the assistant technical staff, in the presence of Captain Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football, on the sidelines of the team’s collective training session today. To discuss some technical and administrative matters.

Al-Ahly is preparing to face the Al-Ahly Bank team in the fifteenth round of the Premier League, which is scheduled for the seventh evening, next Tuesday.

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