The electronic traffic gate allows car license renewal and other services..Details

The electronic traffic portal made it possible to renew car licenses electronically to reduce congestion in the licensing units, and to prevent infection with the Corona virus.

Conditions for renewal of licenses:

Entering the traffic gate through the electronic link.

– To renew the license, the user must agree to the following terms and conditions.

– The user chooses the vehicle license to be renewed.

The vehicle must be of the type of owner’s license or motorcycle and be less than 2030 cc.

– The user must pay all fees, fines and insurance for the license renewal process.

– It is not permissible to deliver the license in the event that a technical examination is required, or there is a ban on sale or the absence of an electronic label.

– When applying for a license renewal, the user has the right to choose if he wants to deliver the license to a specific address or if he wants to receive it from the traffic unit in the event that the vehicle is not in a state of inspection or ban.

– If the user chooses to deliver the license, the application will be updated after the license is issued with the delivery shipment number, and the shipment number will be displayed in the existing application.

Documents required for the previous license.

– A copy of a valid national ID card and see the original.

– Clearance Certificate “Violation Certificate”.

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