The English Premier League matches officially resumed, and the Chelsea summit against Liverpool was postponed

The English Premier League has officially announced the postponement of the Chelsea match against Liverpool due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II during the past days, due to the association of the venues on which the match will be held with the events surrounding the funeral.

The Premier League said matches would resume this weekend after a pause in the season as a sign of respect following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Seven of the Premier League matches are scheduled to take place this weekend, with three matches postponed due to events surrounding the Queen’s funeral.

The report stressed that the postponed matches on Sunday, September 18, are Chelsea against Liverpool at Stamford Bridge, Manchester United at home against Leeds United, and Brighton against Crystal Palace..

The official statement indicated that after extensive consultations with clubs, police, local safety advisory groups and other relevant authorities, there was no other option but to postpone the three matches..

“The Premier League would like to thank the UK Football Police and other police forces across the country, as well as broadcast partners, for their support during this process, and will continue to be in contact with them ahead of the weekend,” the statement said..

The statement continued: “For matches to be played during the period of national mourning, the Queen will be honored at Premier League stadiums.”

The statement concluded: “New dates for the postponed matches will be announced in due course.”.

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