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The Ethiopian Prime Minister arrives in Sharm El-Sheikh to participate in the Cop27 Conference

Today, Sunday, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed arrived at Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport, to participate in the Climate Summit cop27The Ethiopian Prime Minister is accompanied by a number of ministers to participate in the conference, which will be attended by leaders and leaders of world countries.

Egypt is hosting the Climate Summit cop27 In Sharm El-Sheikh, from 6 to 18 November, which is considered the largest and most important summit in the world, to discuss the fate of the planet and save it from deterioration and collapse, to return Egypt’s leading and historical role in organizing a conference on which the world depends a lot in saving humanity from the devastating effects of climate change Contribute to saving humanity.

The COP is scheduled to witness cop27 Extensive international participation from around the world, where more than 120 state leaders, in the presence of representatives from about 197 countries, nearly 40,000 participants from around the world, and dozens of international and regional organizations, participate in the annual negotiations on climate change, with the aim of discussing the way forward. In limiting the negative effects of climate change and adapting to its repercussions, the summit enjoys extensive global media coverage with the presence of more than 3,000 media professionals who follow the activities of the summit in all languages ​​of the world..

Egypt, which over the past years has strengthened its plans towards adapting to the negative effects of climate change as it constitutes an existential threat, is seeking to create an atmosphere to urge all parties to enhance mutual trust through which the results that people aspire to be achieved in terms of facing the climate change crisis and avoiding its devastating catastrophes..

Conference cares cop27 By strengthening the regional and local dimensions of climate action through two unprecedented initiatives, namely the initiative of the five regional forums that were carried out in coordination with the United Nations and resulted in about 400 regional projects worldwide, 60 of which will be presented during the Sharm el-Sheikh conference to start their actual implementation, and the Green Projects Initiative The smart technology launched by the Egyptian government, and its results will be presented during the conference as a model for the settlement of development and climate action.

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