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The exit of Seil Senour in Beni Suef harvests 3.3 million cubic meters of water… and 4 million in the capital

Dr. Hani Swailem, Minister of Water Resources, receivedirrigation A report that reviews the measures taken by the ministry’s agencies to deal with the torrential rains and torrential rains that hit a number of governorates yesterday. The report showed the important role of the measures taken by the ministry and the protection work established by the ministry in protecting individuals and facilities from the destructive effects of the torrents.

Swilam stated that the protection works established by the ministry in the Beni Suef governorate were able to protect individuals and facilities from the destructive dangers of torrential rains, as the artificial lakes in front of the protection dams in Wadi Snour managed to harvest about 3.30 million cubic meters of water in Lakes Numbers 2, 5, and 7. Which provided protection for citizens and establishments, and about 3 million cubic meters of water was seized in the lakes of the exit of Seil Al-Karimat and about 0.50 million cubic meters in the lakes of the exit of Seil Al-Manshi in Giza Governorate and 0.50 million cubic meters in the lakes of the exit of Seil El-Gebo in Cairo Governorate, in addition to receiving water Rain falling on the mouth of the torrent of Wadi Matin and its discharge onto the Nile River.

He added that, based on the forecast issued by the Ministry’s “Flood Forecasting Center” three days ago, which indicated that heavy rains are expected in Cairo, Giza and northern Upper Egypt, the ministry’s agencies have reduced water levels in canals and drains in the governorates of Giza, Beni Suef, Fayoum and Minya so that the waterways network can From absorbing additional quantities of water, in addition to the continuous follow-up by the Ministry to ensure the readiness of lifting stations and emergency units to deal with any water congestion.

He pointed out that with regard to torrential rains and protection work in the governorates of North and South Sinai, the Red Sea and Matrouh, periodic visits are made to them with the knowledge of the concerned ministry agencies to ensure their readiness to deal with any rain or floods expected during the coming period with the highest degree of efficiency and effectiveness.

Sweilem explained that the ministry is taking multiple measures to deal with the floods and heavy rains season, which are divided into long-term measures, seasonal measures and proactive measures.

The long-term measures include the implementation of projects in the field of protection against the dangers of floods, where 1,400 protection facilities have been established in various governorates, which aim to provide the necessary protection from the dangers of torrential rains for citizens, and to protect cities, tourist facilities, Bedouin villages, gatherings, roads, communication lines, gas, water, electricity and power towers, in addition to To harvest rainwater, which can be used from the Bedouin communities in the surrounding areas for drinking, grazing and charging the underground tank.

As for the seasonal measures, it is represented in the periodic passage of the torrential outflows in the governorates of Upper Egypt, the Red Sea, North and South Sinai and Matrouh, and immediate dealing with any infringements on the stream of these outflows and their removal, given the need to maintain the flood water drainage network without the presence of any obstacles or backfilling work due to the seriousness of the existence of such Obstacles in the accumulation of flood waters in front of these obstacles, which leads to a rise in the water level in the waterfall, and causes the surrounding lands to sink, and the imminent danger this poses to citizens and facilities.

The Ministry’s Flood Forecasting Center forecasts the quantities and locations of rain 72 hours before it occurs, and publishes this forecast immediately to all ministries, governorates, and concerned authorities to take appropriate proactive measures.

The exit of Seil Snoor in Beni Suef

the sea
the sea

the exit of sil snorr
the exit of sil snorr

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