The fact that Ferreira left Zamalek due to late dues

In the past few hours, press reports revealed the truth about the rumors about the departure of Portuguese coach Josevaldo Ferreira, coach of the first football team at Zamalek Club, from the White Castle in the coming period due to late dues.

And press reports confirmed that what is reported about the departure of the Portuguese Josevaldo Ferreira from the ranks of the Zamalek club due to the late dues is unfounded, noting that the coach is committed until this moment to his contract with the White Knight.

The list of possible absences of the White Knight against Al-Masry club, Port Said, includes Josevaldo Ferreira, the coach of the Cairo team, due to his presence in his country, Portugal, in order to attend the funeral of his wife’s son.

The date of the Zamalek match against Al-Masry Al-Port Said

Fans of the round witch and Egyptian football fans are looking forward to the expected match that will bring together the first football team of Zamalek Club against its counterpart Al-Masry Club Al-Port Said in the framework of the Egyptian Cup competitions of the previous version.

The Zamalek match against Al-Masry Al-Port Said will start on Saturday, corresponding to the twenty-sixth of this month, at exactly five o’clock in the evening Cairo time and seven o’clock Saudi Arabia time, within the matches of the quarter-finals of the Egypt Cup.

Zamalek hopes to achieve victory over its Egyptian counterpart, Port Said, to preserve its title, which it won last season, especially since the confrontation with the Green Eagle is not divisible by two, and the winner and qualifier for the semi-finals of the local championship must be determined.

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