The fastest shoe in the world.. Developed artificial intelligence that increases walking speed to 7 miles per hour

Robotic engineers have revealed the world’s fastest shoes. They’re designed with eight wheels that increase walking speeds by 250%. They’re called Moonwalkers. Your shoes are laced and propelled forward using tiny electric motors that power the weight wheels, mimicking the wheels of snowboarding.

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, the shoes are the ideas of a team of robotic engineers at Shift Robotics, who thought of the idea when the founder started walking to work, and realized that powered shoes would significantly reduce his mobility by more than half, and this It increases walking speeds from an average of 3 miles per hour to 7 miles per hour.

The team markets the technology, which retails for $1,399, for those who need speed. Perhaps the shoes’ secret feature are unique machine learning algorithms that adapt to a user’s gait, which Shift Robotics says makes them “an extension of people’s legs.” The idea came when Founder Xunjie Zhang was riding a motorcycle to work and was nearly hit by a car.

“That’s when I started asking myself why I never walked for 30 minutes,” Zhang said. It’s not only safe transportation, it’s also part of who we are, so I set out on a mission to improve walking rather than replace it.

He used his experience as a jet-engine propulsion engineer and has spent the past four years trying to find a way to increase walking speed, relying on the body’s own geometry.

Zhang and his team, engineers who once worked for Carnegie Mellon, developed a custom-designed motor controller, precision gearbox, and efficient battery pack all reduced to a smaller size and intricately placed to make shoes.

The shoes are also powered by battery cells that charge fully in 1.5 hours for more than six miles of range.

Researchers have revealed a shoe with an exoskeleton that enables the wearer to walk faster than regular shoes, and with 17% less effort.

The engineers also used a machine learning model to develop the exoskeleton shoe, which can be customized to suit the wearer’s needs.

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