The Federation of Chamber of Commerce confirms the availability of all commodities in the market to control prices

Engineer Ibrahim Al-Arabi, head of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce, said that the reports submitted by the chamber’s commercial divisions confirm the availability of all goods in the market, which reassures citizens that all their needs are met, especially in light of the great government role to control the market by increasing the supply of goods through various government mechanisms, including The Armed Forces outlets, the We are All One initiative, the Ministry of Supply’s consumer complexes, the Ministry of Agriculture outlets, mobile goods vehicles and other various means of supplying goods beside the shops scattered throughout Egypt.

The President of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce and the President of the Cairo Chamber stressed the importance of continuing to monitor the market and submit daily reports on the commercial movement in various activities, especially with regard to basic commodities.

He also stressed the importance of educating the merchants, manufacturers and service performers of the Chamber’s employees on how to implement the electronic invoice through meetings and seminars, in coordination with the Tax Authority to avoid any obstacles they face in implementation in light of what the Ministry of Finance decides to oblige the application of the electronic invoice.

This came during Al-Araby’s presidency of the Cairo Chamber’s board of directors meeting yesterday, Thursday, to discuss issues of interest to the chamber’s members.

Eng. Ibrahim Al-Arabi assigned the Chamber’s executive body to intensify the organization of seminars and meetings to educate the Chamber’s members on how to implement the electronic bill, and to open a language of dialogue with specialists to respond to all inquiries and questions that would educate and raise awareness about all the details related to the electronic bill, relying on the organization of a symposium on how to apply The electronic invoice at the Chamber’s headquarters, on Sunday, November 13th, inviting all the Chamber’s members to benefit from the activities of this symposium.

Al-Araby also stressed the importance of benefiting from the incentives offered by the state to localize the local industry in the various sectors and focus on increasing local production and raising the rate of Egyptian exports, taking advantage of the political leadership’s direction to localize the local industry and encourage micro, small and medium enterprises to support our national economy.

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