The first automated lawyer to defend his client before the courts soon

The world’s first robot lawyer will run on the defendant’s smartphone and listen in on the commentary to provide his client with instructions on what arguments to say. The technology came from DoNotPay, which was founded in 2015 by a freshman at Stanford University and was initially developed for parking ticket appeals. the cars.

Joshua Browder initially created the robot to resume parking tickets in the UK when he first launched the technology, but has since expanded it to the US.

However, this technology is designed in a chat format where the bot follows up with questions to learn details of your condition, such as “Have you or someone you know been driving?” or “Was it difficult to understand the parking signs?”

Also, after it analyzes your answers, the bot decides if you are eligible to appeal, and if yes, it will issue an appeal letter that can be submitted to the courts.

A similar format will be used in the court case in which the robot lawyer will plead in February, but it will listen in on conversations between the prosecutor and the defendant to inform his client what to say next. The court location, the charges and the name of the defendant were not disclosed.

The AI, however, has been trained on real-world data to reduce legal liability, Browder said, adding that it has worked to modify the audio tool so that it does not react to the phrases immediately, instead letting the court finish its discussion, then analyze the comments and provide a solution.

“It’s all about the language, and that’s what lawyers charge hundreds or thousands of dollars an hour,” Browder added.

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