The first comment from the College of Media on the controversial alumni party

11:52 PM

Friday 16 September 2022


The College of Media announced that it did not organize any ceremony for the graduates of the class of 2021/2022 at all, whether inside or outside the college corridors.

A statement issued by the college said that the administration did not take note of the ceremony held by some graduates outside the scope of the college or university, adding that it took place without any coordination with any official at any level in the college.

The statement indicated that the college regrets the actions or practices that were reported to occur in this ceremony that are not appropriate to the image of the college and its graduates.

The college administration also called upon the graduates – in addition to being careful – that their graduation ceremonies be under the umbrella of the college and the university, and in prior coordination with the college officials, because this was claimed to be a proper celebration for them and for the college’s leadership, professors and its administrative staff to share their happiness at this defining moment in their lives after the end of their studies. With the start of their first steps of working life.

It is noteworthy that the crisis began when the students of the batch agreed to organize an informal graduation ceremony, as a result of Cairo University’s decision to cancel official parties 3 years ago due to the Corona pandemic, so the students decided to contract with a company to organize parties, and each student paid 575 pounds and 100 pounds for facilities with the aim of holding the ceremony, in Manial Shiha area, Manial.

The ceremony witnessed a state of pandemonium on the part of the students, after they discovered the absence of all the agreed clauses in the contract, the absence of the agreed honor shields, or suitable places to receive their families, which prompted the students to write a report against the organizing company.​

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