The first decision of the Minister of Finance to rationalize public spending in the new year

Dr. Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, issued the first decision in 2023; To rationalize public spending to maintain the financial targets of the state’s general budget, achieve financial discipline and preserve the rights of the state’s public treasury, and work to raise the efficiency and effectiveness of implementing financial procedures.

The Minister of Finance obligated the government agencies to quickly and immediately pay the claims related to the expenses of implementing judicial rulings through the appropriations related to the second chapter “purchasing goods and services”, within item 3/10 – the expenses of implementing judicial rulings in the agency’s budget, and in the event that the balance of this item is insufficient, the available savings are used. With the appropriations of items and types whose use is not prohibited in the same chapter, according to the powers and powers entrusted to them, and in the event that this is not possible, the transfer request is submitted to the authority or the competent budget sector in accordance with the powers granted in this regard.

This came after the Ministry of Finance noticed during the last fiscal years an increase in the actual expenditure on item 3/10 – expenditures for the implementation of judicial rulings in Chapter Two (purchase of goods and services) at the level of the total state budget, according to the final account, and since according to the provision of Article (66 bis) From Law No. 90 of 1944 regarding judicial fees and documentation fees in civil matters, as amended by Law No. 73 of 2007, it is permissible to reconcile on the judicial fees due in civil matters, if the debtor pays an amount equivalent to two-thirds of the judicial fees ordered within the period of 90 days following his notification of the order Estimating the fees, and the claim for payment of the reconciliation amount expires, and the debtor’s right to reconciliation lapses by missing the stipulated time.

And the Minister of Finance clarified, in Circular No. 1 of 2023, the importance of committing to paying the expenses of implementing judicial rulings to take advantage of the discount granted on judicial fees due before the expiration of a period of 90 days, in accordance with the provision of Article 66 bis of Law No. 90 of 1944, and so that the general budget does not bear The state has huge financial burdens, equivalent to a third of the adjudicated fees, and this comes within the framework of the government’s direction to rationalize public spending.

The minister added that in the event that there are no available savings at the level of the total of Chapter Two (purchasing goods and services) in the agency’s budget to pay the fees, the competent budget sector studies the measure of the amount by resorting to using any savings available in other budgeting agencies in the same chapter, and if all are exhausted Savings at the level of all parties In the second chapter (purchasing goods and services), resorting to a request for reinforcement from public reserves.

The Minister of Finance warned, regarding the delay in implementing the instructions, that legal measures will be taken to hold those responsible disciplinary accountable, and to consider his bearing the financial burdens in this regard.

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