The first response from Mohamed Sobhi to Abeer Salah El-Din: How do I fight an actress?

11:37 PM

Sunday 11 September 2022

Books – Abdel Fattah Al-Ajmi:

The journalist, Sayed Ali, said that he contacted the artist, Mohamed Sobhi, to respond to the attack on him from the artist Abeer Salah El-Din, who participated in his series “Diaries and Nice”.

Ali added, during his presentation of the “Hadrat Al-Muwatin” program on “Al-Hadath Al-Youm” channel: “The artist, Mohamed Sobhi, sent us a written response, in which he said: The monologist de Gatly with a friend asked me to hear it. Until a role was assigned to her, and in fact in the same year in 1994 she was assigned the role of (Abla) in front of Abdullah Musharraf in the series (Diary and Nice), and I trained her until she appeared in this way.

He continued on the lips of Muhammad Sobhi: “In 2008, when I presented the sixth part after the death of Souad Nasr, I played the role, then in the seventh part 2010 I left the series because a new actress also refused the seventh part and left filming after two weeks, and what I discovered was that (Abla) was the one who convinced her to She leaves work and writes a series for her, especially since this actress was very rich, to produce the series, and the work failed, and the producer at the time asked the police to expel her from the studio, this is what was published in the press at the time.

He continued: “I met her from her time and the years passed, and I was surprised by the words of lies and deliberate distortion, how do I fight an actress with all her experience in a role that she only succeeded in, how do you claim this speech and I am an artist who presented 277 actors and they graduated from me, and they worked in the market and succeeded, and this is my pride, including Salah Abdel God, Mona Zaki, Ahmed Wafiq, Mustafa Shaaban, Ahmed Refaat, Ahmed Adam, Hana Al-Shorbagy, Sherihan, and Simon, all of them managed to succeed alone, and their relationship with me so far is excellent.

He concluded what Sayed Ali said about Muhammad Sobhi: “For 50 years every year, I run a competition for talented young people to study in the band for free without charge and take care of them until now. I do not want this poor woman to achieve trend and fame, and I content myself with the defense of my fellow students, as well as my conscious audience who exposed her lies.”

And Abeer Salah El-Din attacked the artist, Mohamed Sobhi, in her meeting with the program “Kalam El Nass” shown on MBC Egypt, saying: “Mohamed Sobhi fought me because I said no, he fought many stars other than me, and if we notice, you will find that people have changed in the Wanis family series from the first Part until the seventh part, because whoever says no or gets upset, Muhammad Sobhi will die in the next season and travel.”

Also during the meeting, Abeer said that she has lived in Canada for nearly 6 years, as she decided to emigrate and change the shape of her life, and to stay away from art and acting.

She explained: “If the brown Adam finds himself locked in the world with him, he revolves around another need in his life. It is possible that our Lord wants us to go to her, and my studies were sociology and a master’s worker in sociology and the art of monologue in the nineties, and I sat in the art of monologue to work in the series “Wanis Diaries”, and I returned to him Nice pause and then we went back to our work and Nice the sixth part and after the seventh from 2010 to 2015 Dominoes closed.”

And she added, “I found myself not knowing how to work anything at all. My aunt is in Canada and my family there is 35 years old. I thought I would travel and do an equivalency for diplomas and complete my studies and the years I ran.”

It is noteworthy that Abeer Salah El-Din was known for her role in the series “Diary and Nice” starring the artist Mohamed Sobhi, during which she presented the character of Abla in front of the artist Abdullah Musharraf, whose role was played by her husband, and continued until the seventh part of the work before she apologized for not presenting the eighth part.

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