The former Zamalek star: Ahmed and Amir are more than their size.. Mortada’s family runs the club

Hisham Yakan, the former Zamalek club star, spoke about the management of his club at the present time, stressing his dissatisfaction with the deals that were contracted recently.

Yakan said in televised statements yesterday, Monday, “Today, the Zamalek club, you will not be able to work in it, because there are people inside. The family is in control of the Zamalek club, and this is something that goes crazy.”

He continued, “When my father was walking in the club, I was walking in another direction, because he did not want him and his son to be in the club together. This was a time, but now the family of Mortada Mansour runs the club.”

He added, “Who is talking about this issue? Ahmed, Amir, and Khadin are larger than their size in the Zamalek Club. When someone catches us, don’t you play football? Why?

And he added, “I am not afraid of anyone other than our Lord, and there is no difference with me for anyone. I separate with me Zamalek and its fans and the shape of the club. I see the club suffocated and there is no development in the Zamalek club. Enter and see the Zamalek club from inside, truly and truly. And see who is sitting with you.”

Yakan continued his statements, “Amir Mortada’s deals? Give me this place and I will bring you all the deals of the world, and seriously, where are the deals that Amir brings?”

Concluding his statements, “The deals that come when I do them, either to fill a void in the squad, I answer a deal for a very distinguished player to make a difference in level and goals. These are super deals that come to make a level, but I have a fault that I compare to mine. I do not find a difference with the one that exists.”

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