The frequency of the National Geographic channel Abu Dhabi to follow the various documentaries

National Geographic channel frequencyThe National Geographic Channel is one of the most important channels that the family follows, whether young or old in general, because this channel contains a variety of different and many documentaries, and it has a large number of diverse and wonderful plants and animals, as it contains a number of different forests Which has a large number of distinctive things, but the National Geographic channel has changed its frequency by those responsible for it, and a number of different satellites have been provided, including Arabsat and Nilesat.

traffic movement National Geographic Channel

This channel is considered one of the important channels that a large number of users are looking for in recent times, because it contains effective and distinctive materials and useful programs for a large number of users, and you must now download the following frequency on the TV and enjoy watching the brilliant programs, all you have to do is Indeed, you should read this article to the end and know the frequency of this distinctive channel for sure and download it, whether on Nilesat or on Arabsat.

A brief introduction to the National Geographic Channel

This wonderful channel is a number of channels, not one. It is present in a large number of countries in the world, whether foreign or Arab, and through it a number of nature programs and various films that show natural manifestations that no one knows about. In addition, this channel was established in 2009, at which time an agreement was made with the company in order for the channel to be suitable for Arabs and be in the Arabic language.

There is also a very large number of its channels, which may reach 62 channels around the world and are shown in 27 diverse languages, and this channel is interested in knowing modern technology and wonderful sciences that have not been discovered yet, as it contains a number of people Who know a lot about the discovery of the oceans, natural sciences, wild animals, predators and insects that are found in the wild, and how to stay away from them and benefit from them.

The frequency of the National Geographic channel on Nilesat

You can set the frequency on Nilesat through the following frequency:

  • Frequency: 11411.
  • Polarization: horizontal.
  • Error correction factor: 3/4.
  • Coding rate: 30,000.

There is also another frequency suitable for a large number of users, and you can adjust it through the following:

  • Frequency: 12226.
  • Polarization: horizontal.
  • Error correction factor: 5/6.
  • Coding rate: 27500.

The frequency of the National Geographic channel on Arabsat

There are a number of users who wish to download the channel on the Arabsat satellite, in order to suit them, and the frequency is set through the following:

  • Frequency: 11,804.
  • Polarization: horizontal.
  • With us, error correction: 4/3.
  • Coding rate: 27500.

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