The frequency of the new Ontime Sport channel to follow the events of the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match

On Time Sport channel frequency Ontime Sport channels are considered one of the best sports channels, and a large number of people interested in football follow it greatly, and in the interest of the channel to provide its content better, it has worked to update its frequency, and many followers wonder about the frequency of the Ontime Sport channel, we will talk about All the details are in the following lines.

On Time Sport channel frequency

The channel has updated the frequency so that their content is displayed in a distinctive way, and many important matches are presented through these channels, and it is also working to display the analytical studio after the important matches, all you have to do is adjust the frequency as follows:

  • Frequency: 11861, the coding rate is: 27500, you can download the channel with this frequency through Nilesat, and one of the most important things presented on this channel is the activities of the Premier League and all the matches between Al-Ahly, Pyramids, Al-Ahly and other teams.
  • The channel management stressed the need to work on updating the channel’s frequencies significantly, so that the matches can be followed through, and the channel was not limited to displaying football content only, but the channel displays many other sports and important matches for it.

How to update the frequency of the Ontime Sport network

  • Channel frequency 11861
  • vertical polarization coefficient
  • Coding factor 27500
  • Error correction factor 6/5

While the frequency of Time Sport channels is:

  • Frequency: 10853
  • Coding factor: 27500
  • Polarization: horizontal
  • Error correction factor 5/6
  • Class 7.3 West

You can also update the frequency without the need for a specialist in it, all you have to do is click on the menu, from which installation is selected, then choose to add a new frequency, write the frequency, press search, and you will find the channel in your list.

At the end of the article, we will know On Time Sport channel frequencywhich is one of the most important channels that many users are looking for to follow the best matches through it, especially the Premier League matches. All you have to do is update the frequency and follow the most important programs that are also considered one of the important sports programs on this channel. You can also follow the best events for a number of other sports through it.

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