The frequency of the Saudi sports channel ssc, updated in October, to follow the matches in the Saudi League

The frequency of the Saudi sports ssc channel, the ssc channel occupies a special place in the hearts of Saudi citizens, and everyone who loves sports and football, where a lot is constantly looking for the frequency of the channel, because the ssc channel offers many tournaments that you will not find in another channel, and is always keen to present matches With excellent quality, it selects the best commentators and the best football analysts from the Arab world and the West, so we will present many details about the channel that some people are interested in knowing.

About ssc . channels

The ssc channel series is interested in displaying international and local championships, as it always makes it at the top and the most channels that achieve high viewing rates among all sports channels. The ssc channel series is of Saudi origin and was provided to the Saudi people because of their love and passion for sports, especially football, so we will present to you some of the tournaments offered by the channel:

  • As for football, the channel shows the Professional League, the Saudi King’s Cup, the Super Cup, the AFC Champions League and the AFC Championship.
  • The channel displays the local and international equestrian sports championship.
  • All Karate Tournaments.
  • View handball tournaments.
  • View USA football leagues.

The frequency of the ssc channel on the satellite

It is necessary to know the frequency of the channel in order to be able to watch the tournaments presented by the channel on an ongoing basis, so the frequency:

  • Satellite: Arabsat.
  • Frequency: 12418
  • Error correction factor: 5/6.
  • Polarization rate: horizontal.
  • Coding rate: 27500.

Reception of the channel on the satellite

You can receive the ssc channel on the moon by seeing the steps that will be mentioned and they must be applied correctly so that the process of receiving the channel ends with success, so the steps are:

  • Go to the receiver settings menu by pressing the remote control button to display the menu.
  • Click on the install icon.
  • After that tap on the manual install icon.
  • Make a note of the channel data.
  • Click on the search icon until the channel that carries the mentioned data is loaded.
  • Finally, press Save.

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