The frequency of the Turkish ATV channel, to follow the Osman Resurrection series, episode 113, with Arabic subtitles

The frequency of the Turkish ATV channel, the Turkish ITV channel is one of the well-known channels in the Arab world and has met with great success due to its permanent display of many Turkish works and the channel’s ability to be among the most prominent channels on Nilesat for its permanent and continuous display of many exclusive Turkish works without large advertising breaks Like the rest of the well-known Turkish channels, the management of the Turkish ITV channel announced a change in its frequency to improve the quality and display Turkish works with high quality, starting from the new year, and the most prominent work shown on the ITV channel is the well-known Turkish series The Resurrection of Othman, and you will watch the 113th episode on Wednesday in Exactly eight o’clock Egypt time.

Resurrection Othman series, episode 113

You are watching the series “The Resurrection of Othman”, episode 113, with subtitles in Arabic, on Wednesday, on the Turkish ATV channel, which is known in the Arab world.

Turkish ATV channel

Millions of people in the Arab world want to follow the new episode of the Turkish series “The Resurrection of Othman”, which will be shown on the frequency of the Turkish ITV channel, and during recent days the frequency of that channel has changed like other channels, so we are now updating the frequency of that channel that displays a lot of work The strong Turkish, which is receiving a large following by fans of Turkish drama at the present time.

Features of the Turkish ITV channel

  • The ITV channel displays content that is consistent with ethical standards
  • The content of the ITV channel is free and the channel is not encrypted and works 24 hours a day.
  • The ITV channel transmits the latest news about Turkish stars.
  • ITV was distinguished by showing many powerful and well-known Turkish works and series, which were very successful.
  • The channel is broadcasted on more than one satellite, such as Nilesat, Turksat and Astra.

The frequency of the Turkish ATV channel

Moon: Nilesat

  • Frequency: 10796
  • Polarization: horizontal
  • Error correction factor: 5/6
  • Quality: SD

Moon: Sat left

  • Frequency: 11628
  • Polarization: horizontal
  • Coding rate: 27500
  • Quality: HD
  • Error correction factor: 5/6

Moon: Astra

  • Frequency: 12692
  • Coding rate: 27500
  • Error correction factor: 5/6
  • Quality: HD

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