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The funeral of the bodies of two sisters in Mahalla in one funeral after the death of the second, mourning the first

Hundreds of people from the city were buried El-Mahalla El-Kubra In Gharbia Governorate, the funeral of two sisters, after the death of the first from the disease, and the death of the second, hours after her death, was mourned for her.

And the bodies came out after performing the funeral prayer for them after praying for them at the Al-Arbaeen Mosque in Mahalla.

Sadness prevailed in the city of Al-Mahalla Al-Kabri, Gharbia Governorate, after the death of two sisters in one day after the death of one of them, and her sister joined her after a short time, mourning her separation, and the bodies were transported to their home, and the family is preparing to bid them farewell in one funeral.

Mrs. N.A.K. had contracted cancer and underwent treatment, and her health condition had recently deteriorated, and her sister, “Hanim,” used to visit her to check on her and take care of her. Her health condition deteriorated yesterday and she died of the malignant disease, and her sister entered into a bout of intense crying and died suddenly. to join her deceased sister.

The family announced the death of the two sisters through loudspeakers in the mosques, and set the date for the funeral prayer after the noon prayer.

And the young man, Fathi Al-Qaturi, a resident of the village of Sijin, Qatour Center, Gharbia Governorate, breathed his last in intensive care in the hospital after 53 days he spent inside it, after he was involved in a microbus collision with a motorcycle he was driving, as a result of which he fell into a complete coma.

The people of his village attended his funeral for his final resting place after completing the burial procedures, amid a state of grief that prevailed over the people of the village.

The security services had received a report of a collision on the Tanta-Ktour road, and a security force and an ambulance moved to the location of the report, and it was found that a microbus collided with a motorcycle, and a young man was seriously injured, and he was transferred to the hospital and legal measures were taken regarding the incident.

A person was killed, and his wife sustained bruises, abrasions, and sporadic fractures, in a microbus collision with a motorcycle on the Tanta-Munuf road. The body and the injured person were transferred to the hospital, and legal measures were taken regarding the incident.

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