The Head of Organization and Administration receives the Omani Minister of Labor and reviews Egypt’s experience in employment competitions

Dr. Saleh Al-Sheikh, head of the Central Agency for Organization and Administration, received Dr. Mahahad bin Saeed Bawein, Minister of Labor of the Sultanate of Oman, and his accompanying delegation, to learn about the Egyptian experience in conducting central competitions for employment in the state’s administrative apparatus, and inspected the work of examining applicants (from the governorates of Damietta and Fayoum). To fill positions (Assistant Teacher) at the Ministry of Education and Technical Education.

The head of the apparatus welcomed his brother, Dr. Mahahad bin Said, and the delegation accompanying him in their second country, Egypt, praising the close relations that unite the Sultanate of Oman and the Arab Republic of Egypt, the leadership, government and people, stressing that this meeting is an extension of the bonds of brotherhood and cooperation between the two countries, the owners of civilizations and ancient history, as well as the signed cooperation protocol. Between the device and the Ministry of Labor (formerly the Ministry of Civil Service).

For his part, the Omani Minister of Labor thanked the head of the agency for the good reception and hospitality he received during the visit, stressing the importance of exchanging experiences and cooperation between Arab administration institutions to serve civil service issues and Arab peoples.

He pointed out the importance of electronic evaluation systems for human resources to ensure the application of the principles of transparency, governance and integrity in selecting entrants to government agencies in countries, in addition to selecting the best competencies that meet the evolving need for work in government institutions.

After the tour, Sheikh reviewed the experience of the agency in establishing an integrated, objective and fully automated system for assessing the human element. Advancement or assuming leadership positions or public positions or building second-grade cadres. The device also established a question banks unit that works to provide thousands of questions in all fields, with the help of a group of experts and specialists, both in its field, and the center was internationally accredited, and international delegations continued to visit center and still.

He also touched on the establishment of the first capacity assessment center and competitions for people with needs from applicants to fill vacant positions in the state administrative apparatus, in order to ensure that the percentage allocated to them by law, which is 5% of government jobs, is achieved.

At the end of the meeting, the two sides exchanged shields, where Dr. Saleh Al-Sheikh presented the shield of the device to his brother, Dr. Mahahad bin Saeed Bawin, Minister of Labor of the Sultanate of Oman, in appreciation of his kind visit to the device.

Dr. Mehad also presented the shield of the Ministry to Dr. Saleh Al-Sheikh for the distinguished relations between the two sides.

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