The head of the Mint Authority reveals the date of offering the 2-pound denomination after approval

10:19 PM

Wednesday 14 September 2022

Books – Muhammad Abul-Majd:

Major General Hossam Khader, head of the Mint, revealed the details of the government’s approval to issue a two-pound coin to be put into circulation in the markets, saying: “We have a large number of special designs for the 2-pound denomination, after the Cabinet approved the partnership with the British Royal Company to produce the coin.” .

Khedr added, in a telephone interview to the “Happening in Egypt” program on MBC Egypt, today, Wednesday, that the British Royal Company for the production of currency is one of the largest companies working in the field of currency production, and on the occasion of this partnership, there is a desire to produce a denomination currency. The 2 pound, which is found in all countries of the world, including Britain itself.

He continued: “The designs of the currency denomination of 2 pounds exist, and the final design has not been chosen, and the Central Bank of Egypt is responsible for producing the currency, and the proposals are made and we coordinate with the Central Bank of Egypt,” explaining that the Ministry of Finance is coordinating with the Central Bank of Egypt, after which the date for offering the currency is set. The 2-pound category, the image, the design, and the specifications, then enter the production line.

And the head of the Mint, added that the date of offering the 2-pound currency is linked to the signing of the strategic agreement with the English side, stressing that the 2-pound currency will not be an alternative to the Egyptian pound, but rather is an addition to the group of auxiliary currencies change because its purpose is to make it easier for citizens to carry Change and dealing in buying and selling.

He pointed out that the 2-pound currency will be one of the same currencies that will be offered from the pound, half-pound and quarter-pound denominations, and these categories have a strategic reserve for a year and a half, and there is no problem with any currency and in case of need for any currencies to be minted.

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