The head of the “real” referees committee in Bolivia explains to the position of Bruno Savio

Alejandro Mancella, head of the Referees Committee of the Bolivian Football Federation, revealed that he was not aware of the expected decision of the Bolivia Disciplinary Committee regarding the case of player Bruno Savio.

And in the past few days, Bolivian and Egyptian press reports indicated the possibility of a penalty being imposed on Bruno Savio, newly joined Al-Ahly, for assaulting one of the referees of his former team’s matches, Bolivar.

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Mancella said in exclusive statements to “Bruno Savio’s position? I’m in Paraguay now because I’m taking an arbitration course, and I don’t know the results of the investigations at the Court of Disciplinary Sport.”

The head of the “real” referees committee in the Bolivian Football Association added: “I expect a penalty against Bruno Savio, but I do not expect this punishment to affect his career with Al-Ahly.”

Alejandor Mancella completed his private statements to “Whatever Savio’s punishment, we We have no problem with Bruno playing in a country other than Bolivia.”

was El-Ahly.comToday, Thursday, he was alone with the fact that a character named Hugo Ciampi appeared on one of the television channels under the position of Chairman of the Referees Committee of the Bolivian Football Association, as it turned out that this job title was incorrect.

and learned El-Ahly.comThat Hugo Ciampi is not the head of the Referees Committee of the Bolivian Football Federation, as this channel claimed, and that this person only occupies the position of president of the Bolivian Referees Association, an association that does not have any official responsibility, and is not relied upon when making decisions, and is somewhat similar Players and Agents Associations.

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