The head of the “Social Housing” inspects the models of green architecture units under the “Housing for All Egyptians” initiative

Mai Abdel Hamid, CEO of the Social Housing and Real Estate Finance Support Fund, inspected the green building units project in the presidential initiative, housing for all Egyptians in the city of Gardens, accompanied by Eng. Kamal Bahgat, Assistant Vice President of the New Urban Communities Authority for the Development of Cities, and Eng. Gardens of the capital and officials of the device and the project.

The CEO of the Social Housing and Real Estate Finance Support Fund continued the ongoing work in the implementation of green architecture units, stressing the need to follow the agreed construction instructions, so that the project achieves its desired environmental goals, especially since it is a breakthrough in the field of establishing low-income units at the level of Egypt and the Middle East.

Mai Abdel Hamid explained that green buildings help achieve great environmental goals at the long-term level, as they reduce energy consumption by 24-50%, reduce carbon emissions by 33: 39%, and reduce water consumption by percentages. up to 40%, and reduce solid waste to 70%.

She added that the fund aims to gradually generalize this initiative to all units that will be implemented in the future, so that housing projects for all Egyptians in Egypt will become environmentally friendly projects that take into account the environmental, social and health dimensions.

She added that the implementation of the project in several cities at the level of the Republic is evidence of the political leadership’s interest in all projects that contribute to preserving the environment, especially since Egypt is hosting the COP27 global climate conference in Sharm El-Sheikh within days.

Engineer Kamal Bahgat confirmed that the green building project is witnessing joint cooperation between several governmental and international agencies, with the aim of reaching the optimal form of the project that preserves the environmental and civilizational pattern.

He explained that the project was launched in cooperation between the Social Housing Fund and Real Estate Finance Support, the World Bank and the Housing and Building Research Center, and the Green Architecture Initiative aims to build 25,000 housing units approved by the green pyramid classification system for social housing in 4 Egyptian cities (Capital Gardens, New Obour, Aswan). New, Hurghada), and 1,000 units were launched during the last period, with the rest of the units to be launched successively until the completion of their construction in 2024.

Engineer Adel Abdel Aziz stated that the project faced major challenges during the implementation process, foremost of which was providing water to the maximum extent, according to the directives of the President of the Republic, and relied on treated water (gray water) in planting ponds and green spaces surrounding green buildings.

The head of the Capital Gardens City Authority added that the gray water is collected from water for personal use such as showering and facial tub, and is collected in small treatment units, purified and filtered before being reused again, instead of relying on regular water used for drinking.

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