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The high prices of eggs and poultry due to feed.. How does the country face

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Saturday 29 October 2022

Books – Ahmed Massad:

Today, Saturday, egg prices rose in the Egyptian market, with an increase of one pound, during the updates of the poultry exchange.

The price of red eggs increased by one pound, while the price of white eggs decreased by one pound to reach 70 pounds, and the price of chicks in the market varied; Where the mothers’ chicks recorded a pound increase.

Abdul Aziz Al-Sayed, Head of the Poultry Division, said that the prices of eggs, poultry and their derivatives will continue to increase if the feed problem is not solved, pointing out that the rise in the price of the dollar will be accompanied by a rise in prices.

The exchange rate of the dollar against the pound recorded the highest price this morning, at 22.95 pounds, compared to 19.65 pounds.

Al-Sayed pointed out, in a special statement he made to “Masrawy”, today, Saturday, the continuation of the fodder crisis so far; Whether the releases of quantities from the ports or the increase in black market activity.

The head of the division noted that the decision to float the Egyptian pound will raise some products; Including the poultry industry, stressing that the state is aware of the decisions it takes.

Al-Sayed indicated that one of the objectives of the decision is to provide the dollar in the local market, which is also the goal of the Poultry Division by providing hard currency and releasing feed trucks without new heights.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Qarsh, Assistant Minister of Agriculture, confirmed that eggs are available at the ministry’s outlets, and that the price of a carton of eggs is 70 pounds on the farm, while a kilo of poultry is 35 pounds, and this price is very suitable for the consumer, but it does not generate a good profit for the product.

Al-Qirsh said that the state seeks to reduce the intermediate links between the producer and the consumer, and thus the entire profit reaches the producer, and the eggs reach an appropriate price for the consumer, pointing to the agreement to allocate 44 million dollars in appropriations to provide soy, and thus the total quantities that entered in the recent period after this appropriation are more of 122 thousand tons of soybean.

The Assistant Minister of Agriculture referred to the directives of Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, on the necessity of providing foreign currency; To provide fodder continuously, adding that these challenges are not a local problem but a global crisis.

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