The highest safety rates..7 conditions for testing El-Dabaa nuclear reactors before operation

The seventh day monitors, 7 conditions that must be met before operating the nuclear plant inthe daba According to what was specified in Article 13 of the Executive Regulations of the Law Regulating Nuclear and Radiological Activities No. 7 of 2010, which was published in the Official Gazette No. 42.

Some of the conditions for the Nuclear Power Plant Authority to obtain permission to conduct pre-operational tests:

1 – A copy of the nuclear reactor construction permit document.

2- Any additions or modifications made to the design based on what has been done.

3- Results of performance tests for systems.

4 – Programs of pre-operational tests explaining the timetable for implementation.

5 – The organizational structures of the pre-operational test groups and the operation and maintenance groups.

6- Data about the operators, their previous experiences, the licenses granted to them, as well as any penalties previously imposed on them.

7- Any additions or modifications made to the initial plans for contingency, physical protection, systems for applying safeguards, controlling nuclear materials, radiological protection, and radioactive waste management. , and within six months for power reactors, from the date of submitting the permit application, complete with all the required data and documents.

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