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The House of Representatives finally agrees to reduce the age for obtaining an ID card to 15 years

The House of Representatives, during its plenary session today, headed by Counselor Dr. Hanafi Jabali, finally approved a draft law submitted by the government to amend some provisions of Law No. 143 of 1994 in the matter of civil status.

The draft law included in its first article replacing the phrase “sixteen years” in Article 48 of Law No. 143 of 1994 regarding civil status with the phrase “fifteen years.” As for the second article of the draft law, it is related to publishing the law in the Official Gazette, and implementing it from The day after the date of its publication.

The report of the Parliamentary Committee indicated that the draft law aims to reduce the age prescribed for obtaining the identity card to fifteen years instead of sixteen years.

The committee stressed that the draft law was consistent and arranging for some laws, the most prominent of which is the law regulating some litigation situations in personal status matters, which granted the eligibility to litigation in personal status matters to self-governance for every citizen who has completed fifteen full Gregorian years of mental faculties, as well as the Child Law, which prohibits employment Children before they reach fifteen full calendar years.

It also came to counter the negative realities that have emerged in this regard, and to protect the rights of the child.

The committee’s report indicated that the draft law came in light of the provisions of the legislation in force to give the age level reached by the citizen a basis for arranging very important legal effects such as the right to litigation and the right to personal freedom, as is the case in the law regulating some litigation situations in personal status matters issued Law No. (1) of 2000, which grants the capacity to litigate in personal status matters, the guardianship over oneself for every citizen who has completed fifteen full calendar years of age and enjoys his mental faculties, and Child Law No. 12 of 1996, which prohibits in Article No. 64 of it the employment of children before they reach five Ten full years.

Therefore, it was considered to amend Article No. (48) of the aforementioned law to reduce the age of a child obtaining an identity card by making it fifteen years instead of sixteen years, allowing him to enjoy more rights.

In its report, the committee noted the constitutional rules governing the draft law. It referred to Article (6) of the constitution, which stipulates that citizenship is a right for anyone born to an Egyptian father or an Egyptian mother, and legal recognition and granting him official papers proving his personal data, a right guaranteed and regulated by law.

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