The image of an angel enchanted Jordanians.. Hope emerged from under the rubble

“Out of the rubble, hope is born.” This is really the case baby angel The 4-month-old, who emerged alive from under the rubble of the Weibdeh apartment building in the center of the capital, Amman, after 26 hours of efforts.

“Malak” turned into a glimmer of hope that shone in the eyes of Jordanians about the possibility of saving the rest of those trapped under the stones.

After the spread of the small exit clip, accounts on social media circulated her news and photos, amid calls for her appearance to be alive after all these hours, the beginning of the removal of all the stranded.

It also became the talk of Jordanian circles after the infant emerged from the hospital bed after being rescued in a white dress.

This came after the Jordanian Public Security Directorate published a video on Wednesday to save the girl, stressing that the workers’ efforts lasted 26 hours.

The information added that a 45-year-old man went out with the infant.

10 deaths

It is noteworthy that the Jordanian street is still living on its nerves after the collapse of a large apartment building in the center of the capital, Amman Weibdeh areaAmid official information indicating that there are more dead and injured.

The number of victims of the collapse of the building has risen to 10, with continued attempts to reach those trapped under the rubble.

While the public prosecutor ordered the arrest of the building owner’s son, the maintenance contractor and the maintenance technician.

They were also charged with the crimes of causing death and causing harm, amid continuing investigations.

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