The injured in Zamalek is between 6 months and readiness.. Find out the position of the injured and the duration of absence

Zamalek suffers from many absences that hit the first football team, which needs a treatment period that varies according to the size of the injury suffered by the players in the recent period.

Zamalek loses the services of 6 players during the last matches due to the injury, which deprived the Portuguese Josevaldo Ferreira of their services in the last matches, and the players need some time to return again to group training on a regular basis.

In the following report, we review the situation of the injured and the duration of their absence.

Mahmoud Hamdy Al Wensh

Mahmoud Hamdi Al-Wansh, the defender of Zamalek, is awaiting the completion of visas to travel to England for a knee operation, after the injury he suffered in the Smouha match in the league, after which he will be absent for 6 months in order to return again to the White Castle training.

Ahmed Aboul Fotouh

Ahmed Aboul Fotouh suffers from a fracture in the face of the foot and a brace was installed for him, which he suffered in front of Al-Ahly in the super match that was held in the Emirates, and he needs two to three weeks to return to the team’s training again, and it is expected that he will be ready for matches after the current hiatus.

Nabil Emad Dunga

Nabil Imad Dunga is currently undergoing rehabilitation training after knee surgery and returning from Qatar, and he appeared for the first time in Zamalek training in the past few days.

Ibrahim Naday

Senegalese Ibrahima Ndaye suffers from a torn hamstring muscle, an injury he suffered in front of Smouha, and he needs one week to return to the team’s training again, and is expected to be ready for matches after the current hiatus.

Mohamed Abdel Shafi

Mohamed Abdel Shafi, the left back of Zamalek, suffers from muscle fatigue that prevented him from returning regularly with the team, and it has not yet been determined how long he will be absent from the team, but to a large extent he will be ready for matches after the current hiatus.

Samson Aquinola

The Benin Samson Aquinola from the injury he suffered during the last training session of Zamalek before the last Al-Ahly match, recovered and began physical training to prepare for the matches, and is ready for the upcoming matches.

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