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The innocence of the landlord of Faisal al-Mahreq and the engineers of the Kerdasa neighborhood from charges of forgery and profiteering

Today, Wednesday, the Giza Criminal Court acquitted Malik Faisal real estate Al-Mahreq, and former engineers in Kerdasa district, accusing them of forgery and profiteering.

The verdict was issued under the chairmanship of Counselor Adel Sayed Jabr, with the membership of counselors Hani Louis Abdel-Malik and Salah El-Din Diab Abdel-Gawad, and the secretariat of Abdel-Aziz Manna and Raafat Abdel-Tawab.

Earlier, the Public Prosecution referred the owner of Faisal Al-Mahreq real estate on the Ring Road to the competent criminal trial, on charges of endangering the lives of citizens – residents of the property – and establishing a property without obtaining the necessary licenses.

The Public Prosecution referred the accused to the criminal trial, after it initiated investigations into the fire of Faisal’s burnt property located in the Kerdasa area, as it received a notification on January 30 last year, of a fire in a property in the Kerdasa Center district, which originated from a shoe store in the basement and ground floor of the property, which resulted in the burning of all shoes. And the combustion of the property without causing injuries or deaths.

The Public Prosecution Office moved to the inspection and found that the property continued to burn, which prevents it from entering, and parts of its sides were falling. The Civil Protection Forces reported that the reason for the continued outbreak of fire was the presence of a huge amount of leather shoes in the basement and the ground and first floors made of operable and precipitated materials that led to the continuation of the fire. The fire, and that it caused the erosion of the main pillars of the property, which led to the fall.

Accordingly, the Public Prosecution decided, after the civil protection forces were able to extinguish the fire and take all necessary measures in the event of the property falling, to deputize the forensic laboratory experts to examine it, explaining the cause and manner of the fire and its spread, the extent of criminal suspicion or negligence in its occurrence, and an inventory of the losses that resulted from the fire in the property and what It contains movables, and the extent to which the surrounding real estate is affected.

The Civil Protection Forces were also assigned to inspect the property – after putting out the fire in it – to indicate the availability of ways to prevent fire risks in the warehouse. In the warehouse, the extent of issuance of a license to practice it, the availability of ways to prevent risks in it, the extent of issuance of a license to build the property and the irregularities that affect it, and the extent of its impact on the fire and its safety after it, and the police investigations were requested about the incident.

The Karadasah Misdemeanor Court held in the North Giza Court had sentenced Faisal’s landlord to 3 years in prison and a fine of 80 million pounds, for accusing him of endangering the lives of the residents of the property, and establishing a property without obtaining the necessary licenses.

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