The intention of food from Caesar to Garrido in the presence of Sitt Al Habayeb.. Photos

Hosni Abd Rabbo, director of football at the Ismaili Club, hosted a lunch for the Spanish coach Juan Carlos Garrido, coach of the Dervish dervishes, in the presence of his brother Tariq Abd Rabbo and the mother of Caesar, who exchanged conversations with the Spanish coach, wishing him success in leading the Yellow Castle.

Hosni Abd Rabbo, the Spanish coach, Juan Carlos Garrido, received the new coach at his residence.

After completing this session, he accompanied “Abed Rabbo” the technical director to the club’s headquarters in order to see and get acquainted with the main pitch, the training ground, the players’ rooms, the team’s residence hotel, the venue for video meetings, as well as the work room of the medical staff in order to stand on all the equipment included in Ismailia Stadium .

During the session, the new coach presented a set of requests, as the football director promised to work to meet them in order to provide all the appropriate atmosphere that ensures the team’s appearance in a satisfactory manner under the Spanish leadership.

The new coach is scheduled to start his work today, accompanied by the assistant staff, during the preparation period in preparation for entering the Premier League in its new version scheduled for next October.

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