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The Ismaili groom was imprisoned for a year for beating his wife and the acquittal of her detention

11:58 PM

Sunday 06 November 2022

Ismailia – Hossam El Din Ahmed:

Today, Sunday, a second Ismailia Misdemeanour Court issued its verdict against the accused “A.A.”, known in the media as the Ismaili groom, and accused of assaulting his wife, Maha Muhammad.
The ruling, headed by Counselor Omar Hassan Abdel Majid Nassar, the head of the court, was issued against the accused with a one-year prison sentence and a fine of 2,000 pounds, for assaulting his wife, known in the media as the “Ismailia bride.” The court also acquitted the accused in the charge of detaining the victim.
The Ismailia Criminal Court postponed, on Sunday, the trial session of the Ismaili groom, who is accused of beating his wife, detaining her and imprisoning her freedom, until October 23 to review the case papers. Then, Counselor Omar Hassan Abdel Majid Nassar, President of the Ismailia Misdemeanors Court, issued a decision during the last session to postpone the hearing of the case until the sixth of November to consider the third session of the trial of the accused of assaulting his wife, the “Ismailia bride.”
The Public Prosecution Office in Ismailia had received a forensic medical report on the medical examination of the victim, Maha Omran. The forensic report stated that the doctor who conducted the examination had received a medical report issued by Ismailia University Hospital, on October 8.
The report stated that the Ismailia bride came after an injury, and the degree of consciousness was complete and the vital signs were stable, and it was found that there was subconjunctival hemorrhage in the left eye, a bruise in the left eye, and a bruise on the face.
The report indicated that the forensic medical examination and the interview with the bride revealed “the presence of an excoriating bruise on the top left of the head, with dimensions of half a centimeter by 1 centimeter, and a simple blood collection under the conjunctiva of the left eye, and the aforementioned does not complain of vision problems.”
The report concluded that, in a judgment on the foregoing, it decided the following: “The original injury features of the victim’s injury, Maha Muhammad Imran Muhammad, have changed, due to the passage of time and healing factors. It was of a traumatic nature that occurred as a result of the collision with a satisfactory solid body or objects of any kind, and a permanent disability is not expected as a result of the victim’s injury and requires a treatment period of less than 20 days.”
The civil plaintiff’s lawyer said that the report proved only the apparent injuries to the face, traces of beatings under the eyes, and a bruise on the head. The internal injuries were not proven, and the medical examination was not performed on the body to reveal the injuries that were hidden by clothing.
During the court’s first session, the victim’s lawyer asked the court to present the Ismailia bride again to the forensic medicine to prove the apparent and internal injuries to the body, and also demanded a civil right claiming compensation of 10,001 pounds for the physical and psychological damage incurred by the victim.
The accused faced the victim’s husband, accusations of beating and unlawful detention, and the first session witnessed the presence of the victim, members of his family and a number of his relatives, while the victim’s bride was absent, while they attended the last session, before the defendant was sentenced to one year in prison and a fine of 2000 pounds, for trespassing His wife, known in the media as the “Ismailia bride”, the court also acquitted the accused in the charge of detaining the victim.

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