The last hours .. You will not believe how King Charles learned of his mother’s death?

As thousands of mourners wait in front of the historic Palace of Westminster in London, to catch a glimpse of the coffin Queen Elizabeth II Since Wednesday evening, some facts about the last hours of the deceased began to emerge.

It was found that King Charles III He learned that his mother was about to die, only from an urgent phone call he received moments before the rest of the world heard the Queen’s news.

Phone call details

And it turned out that the prince at the time did not know any details about the health of the late queen before that call, according to a report published by the newspaper “Newsweek”.

The information also added that Charles learned that his mother was about to die, while he was with his wife Camilla at Dumfries House in Scotland, where his aides rushed to inform him that Queen Elizabeth’s health had changed.

The body of the late queen

Meanwhile, Camilla was preparing to record a television interview with Gina Bush, the son of former US President George W. Bush, who in turn said that she heard footsteps running in the hallway during preparations, referring to disturbances that began in the house.

They didn’t give Charles an hour or two

Bush stated that she had dinner with Charles the night before his mother’s death, while Camilla had not been with them.

King Charles and his wife Camilla

King Charles and his wife Camilla

And she said the interview, which was scheduled for the next day, was canceled when Charles learned that Elizabeth, 96, was on her deathbed at Balmoral Castle, also in Scotland.

According to the sources, Charles received a call asking everyone to be silent while the place was quiet, then announced the departure of the prince and his wife in a helicopter at 12:30 pm, then it became clear that it was the same time when he announced the decline in the Queen’s health, saying: “They did not give Charles an hour or two”.

Queen Elizabeth's body rests in Westminster Hall

Queen Elizabeth’s body rests in Westminster Hall

Declaration of death announcement

It is reported that Buckingham Palace had issued a statement at 12:34 noon that day, saying that the Queen’s doctors were concerned about her health and recommended that she remain under medical supervision.

Then the Queen’s death was announced shortly after, ending her 70-year reign, after which her son Charles ascended to the throne as king.

In addition, Elizabeth’s state funeral will be held next Monday, in the presence of presidents and leaders from various countries of the world.

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