The launch of the phase of reducing alienation for high school students on the electronic coordination site

Today, Tuesday, the stage of reducing alienation begins in front of students nominated in the third stage, as well as students of the first and second stages who did not benefit from the reduction of alienation by applying to reduce the corresponding and unmatched alienation, within the limits of the prescribed percentage (10%), according to the absorptive capacity and continues until Saturday 17/ 9/2022, via the electronic coordination website on the Internet, in accordance with the regulating conditions and rules issued by the Supreme Council of Universities in this regard, which include:

The corresponding transfer is within the sector minimum.

• The non-equivalent transfer by fulfilling the minimum requirement for the college to be transferred to.

• Commitment to the rules of geographical distribution.

• Transfer via the electronic formatting website only.

• There are no paper transfers.

• Transfer is for one time only.

• Fulfilling the additional conditions of the college to which you want to transfer (such as passing an ability test).

• The differentiation between students is based on the student’s total grades in the General Secondary Certificate.

Second: Transfers between private and medium higher institutes.

A student who has been nominated in the coordination process to one of the private or medium high institutes is allowed to apply for transfer to another institute in the same specialty or another unmatched specialization, provided that the student fulfills the announced minimum for the institute to be transferred to, and in light of the prescribed ratio, absorptive capacity and the total priority.

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