The Lebanese band Mayas: an official and popular Arab and international interaction after winning the title of the most famous American talent show

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Lebanese dance group Mayass

The name of the Lebanese dance group, Mayas, topped the social networking sites in the Arab world and the world after winning the seventeenth edition of the American talent show “America’s got talent”.

The result was announced on Thursday morning, September 15, 2022, after the band reached the final stage to compete with Australian Christy Cellars.

Official congratulations in Lebanon

The President of the Lebanese Republic, General Michel Aoun, congratulated the Lebanese band, tweeting: “The victory of “Mayass” group in the most important international talent program is a source of pride for the Lebanese people. Our hearts all.”

President Aoun decided to award the “Mayas” band the Lebanese Order of Merit, “in appreciation of its artistic gifts and success in the most important international talent programs.”

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