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The lover is not a child.. A new witness sets off a surprise in the case of a murdered mother

04:11 PM

Thursday 05 January 2023

Port Said – Tareq Al-Refai:

Today, Thursday, Mohamed Abdel-Alim, a lawyer, revealed a new surprise in the case of the murder of a woman inside her house in the Fayrouz neighborhood in Port Fouad, Port Said Governorate, and accusing her daughter and her lover of killing her.

The lawyer indicated, in press statements, today, Thursday, that he had previously filed a lawsuit to prove the lineage of “H.M.F.”, who is accused of killing Mrs. “Dalia Al-Hoshi” with the help of her daughter accused in the same case, as a result of a previous dispute between his parents, stressing that his real age Greater than advertised or known to be.

Muhammad Safa, the lawyer of the victim of Port Said, the victim and the accused of her daughter and her lover, had announced that he would challenge the age of the accused child in the case, and that he would appear before the court that the age of the accused exceeds 15 years, which means that if this is proven, he will be tried before the criminal court before The same circuit before which the accused daughter of the victim is tried, and not before child felonies.

The Counselor ordered the Public Prosecutor to refer a girl to the Criminal Court, and to refer an accused child under the age of 15 to the competent Child Court, accusing them of premeditatedly killing the mother of the accused.

The Juvenile Criminal Court in Port Said Governorate will hear the second session of the child trial – the juvenile – next Sunday, corresponding to January 8, while the Port Said Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Mr. The trial sessions of the student accused of killing her mother in cooperation with her child lover, on Saturday, January 14th.

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