The Mahalla Al-Kubra Factories Association monitors the challenges of the textile industries

The Al-Mahalla Al-Kubra Factories Association intends to submit an urgent memorandum to the Council of Ministers to demand the removal of all obstacles facing the textile industries sector. Engineer Mahmoud Al-Fouti, President of the Mahalla Al-Kubra Makers Association, revealed in press statements today, that there are 3 main challenges facing the textile industries sector during the current stage, and they must be raised. The necessary solutions for it to achieve a major renaissance in the textile industry and to enable factories to continue working and producing to maintain their existing employment.

He said in a statement that the first challenge facing the sector is the cessation of a large number of companies and yarn factories affiliated with the public sector and the scrapping of machines until development, noting that this caused great losses for the state and the private sector, as the private sector companies tended to import and fill the deficit in local yarns, which is This is not in line with the state’s current policy towards reducing the import bill and deepening the local manufacturing of raw materials and production requirements.

He added that the second challenge is the unavailability of many “nimr” yarns important and essential for the textile industry, calling for the necessity of directing yarn-producing companies to review the market requirements of Nimr yarn and provide the basic and required needs of manufacturers.

The head of the Mahalla El-Kobra Makers Association added that the third challenge is the presence of intermediary companies to deal with the public sector, as this adds additional costs above the basic price of the yarn represented in the commission of the intermediary company, stressing that this weakens the competitiveness of Egyptian products in foreign markets as a result of factories bearing additional burdens. It has nothing to do with the actual cost of the product.

In this regard, Al-Fawti called for the need to abolish mediation between manufacturers and yarn companies and factories in the public sector, especially since this system is not followed at the level of yarn companies and suppliers in the world.

The head of the Mahalla Makers Association praised the political leadership’s support for the industrial sector and its efforts to remove obstacles to deepen industry, increase production, and provide an opportunity for the private sector to grow.

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi had recently announced granting the golden license to all applicants within 3 months, to speed up the implementation of their projects.

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