The Minister of Housing issues two decisions to remove building violations and encroachments on the North Coast and Sadat

Assem Al-Jazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, issued two decisions to remove building violations and infringements on the lands owned by the New Urban Communities Authority inside Kardon, the first sector of the northwest coast and Sadat City, stressing the continuation of the ministry’s efforts, represented by the agencies of new cities and affiliated entities, in removing random phenomena. violations in new cities.

The decisions stipulated the removal of infringements and construction violations built on a plot of land in a tourist village on the coast of Alexandria/Matrouh coastal road within the boundaries of the first sector of the northwestern coast, represented in the construction of swimming pools with a total area of ​​2,330 square meters without obtaining the necessary building permits, and the removal of the building violation established in a plot Land in the sixth residential area in Sadat City, which is to build a third upper floor without obtaining a license and in violation of the license issued to the plot.

The decisions also stipulated that the First Sector Development Authority of the Northwest Coast, and the Sadat City Development Authority, with the assistance of the reconstruction police and the relevant police department, would implement the removals.

In a related context, the new city authorities and the competent police continue to launch campaigns to remove encroachments and occupations, close and wax, and lift utility meters for violating activities in the cities of (New October – Sadat – New Sohag – Tenth of Ramadan).

Engineer Mohamed Abdel Maqsoud, Head of the New 6th of October City Development Authority, explained that a magnifying campaign was launched to remove occupancy and raise utility meters in the areas and neighborhoods of the October hillock, the sixth area, and resulted in the implementation of a number of decisions to remove occupancy and confiscate the equipment of a number of violating activities. Removing occupancy of commercial stores and taking all legal measures against violators.

Engineer Ahmed Omran, head of the Tenth of Ramadan City Development Authority, confirmed that a campaign was launched in cooperation with the police, which resulted in the implementation of 168 decisions to close, wax and remove occupancy and encroachment in front of residential units and plots in the twelfth neighborhood “social housing” and the “Build Your Home” area, and the occupancy was removed. And infringements in front of the violating shops residential plots and main roads.

Engineer Ahmed Omran indicated that another campaign was launched, which resulted in the implementation of 75 decisions to close, wax, remove occupancy and encroachment on residential plots in the twelfth district, the “Build Your House” area. And confiscation of all violating tools and equipment in the thirteenth district center.

Eng. Khaled Ragab, Head of the New Beni Suef City Development Authority, stated that a magnifying campaign was carried out in cooperation with the Construction Police Department in the new city of Beni Suef and the Authority’s Security Department, to remove occupancy and violations in the city.

Eng. Khaled Rajab explained that the campaign resulted in the editing of 6 reports of shops operating without a license in the second residential district of the city, 4 reports of road occupancy in front of the shops of street vendors in the second residential district of the city, and a report of a commercial store operating without a license in the fourth residential district of the city, adding The seizures were seized and legal action was taken with the knowledge of the construction police.

Engineer Ragab Salman, head of the Sadat City Development Authority, added that coordination was coordinated with the General Department of the Construction Police and New Urban Communities to implement a magnifying campaign in all residential and industrial neighborhoods of the city, pointing out that the campaign resulted in the implementation of 56 closure and waxing decisions in the second district of shops, basements and housing units. For violating the terms of the contract and the purpose of privatization, and without issuing a license from the agency, 40 decisions in the scope of the first district, 5 decisions to remove occupancy, raise violations within the industrial district and the developers’ zone, and remove the infringements resulting from these violations to factories.

Eng. Mostafa Hareb, Head of the New Sohag City Development Authority, Major General Ahmed Abdullah, Assistant Director of Sohag Security, and the leaders of the Sohag Police Department and the New Sohag City Reconstruction Police Department led a campaign that resulted in the removal of all encroachments on an area of ​​5.5 acres in the 162-acre area of ​​New Sohag City. .

Officials of the new cities’ agencies confirmed the continuation of the campaigns periodically and suddenly, warning against non-compliance with the laws regulating urbanization and preserving the civilized appearance of the new cities.

The officials of the new cities demanded that the owners of administrative units and shops abide by the activities allocated according to the privatization, and the speedy issuance of operating licenses in accordance with the rules, in order not to be subject to legal accountability, which amounts to the withdrawal of those units.

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