The Minister of Tourism holds the first meeting of the senior and middle leaders and affiliated bodies

Ahmed Issa: – The forum will be held periodically to discuss the work plans and the ministry’s strategy, and to evaluate and measure performance standards

– I am confident that all efforts will be united and energized to achieve the goals and strategy of the ministry during the next stage

Honoring a group of distinguished workers in the ministry whose service period has recently ended, in appreciation of their efforts and giving to the tourism and archaeological work.

In a new tradition followed by the ministry, Ahmed Eissa, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, held today the first meeting of the senior and middle leaders of the ministry and its affiliated bodies, to discuss the ministry’s work plans and strategy during the next phase, at the ministry’s headquarters in Zamalek.

During the forum, the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities clarified that this meeting will be organized periodically, in a way that contributes to advancing the work movement in the ministry in all its sectors and bodies to the fullest extent, and in a manner that achieves the public interest of citizens, tourists, investors and workers in the ministry, especially in light of the challenges that the whole world is witnessing.

The Minister began the forum by welcoming the leaders of the ministry, praising the role they play and their efforts to advance the tourism and archaeological work, expressing his full confidence that the next stage will witness concerted efforts and galvanizing to develop clear visions of work and achieve the ministry’s objectives in line with the Egyptian government’s plan to advance the sector. Tourist and archaeological.

Ahmed Issa explained that the aim of such meetings is to set a road map and agenda for work during the coming period, to discuss visions and proposals, and to communicate a set of messages and goals that each official will implement, with setting standards for performance and providing all the information necessary to achieve them, stressing the need for leaders to team up with teams. their work during the coming period to achieve the desired goals.

During the forum, the minister reviewed the most important issues discussed during the “Egypt 2022 Economic Conference”, which was organized by the Egyptian government during the period from 23 to 25 October; He dealt with the situation and future of the Egyptian economy, with a wide participation of a group of officials, senior economists, thinkers and experts specialized in many fields, pointing to the important messages that the conference highlighted and the recommendations that resulted from the conference, which will be implemented during the coming period by agreeing on a clear roadmap for the most important Sectors of the economy that can be translated into implementation plans during the coming period.

The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities also reviewed the most prominent axes of the national strategy for Egyptian tourism, and it comes as a continuation and based on what was previously worked on during the last period, explaining that the countries of potential tourists to visit Egypt were identified and settled as target tourist markets, according to one of the market studies conducted by one of the Specialized international companies during the last period, as the results of this study demonstrated the possibility of attracting a large number of these potential tourists to visit the Egyptian tourist destination, adding that the study divided the potential tourists in the world who can be attracted to visit Egypt into several segments, describing them as having knowledge of the Egyptian tourist destination. And a desire to travel to it, and that when they visit it, they are expected to have a good level of satisfaction with the tourist experience, and to recommend a visit to the Egyptian tourist destination to relatives and friends, especially since these tourists are looking for a variety of products, especially cultural tourism, beach and recreational tourism, and family tourism, Adventure tourism, and tourists looking for an integrated and multi-tourism experience and tourism patterns e.

The minister pointed out that the past weeks have witnessed continuous work between the ministry and representatives of the private sector in its various representatives to identify the most prominent challenges and determinants facing the tourism industry in Egypt and affect the supply side, so they are included in the axes of this strategy.

He added that among this is the need to provide access to the Egyptian tourist destination by doubling and increasing the capacity available for airports and planes in cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Aviation, improving the tourism investment climate and encouraging investments in the sector, especially to increase hotel capacity and the tourist transport fleet in Egypt and working to achieve a balance in the geographical distribution of facilities The hotel and distribution according to the degrees of stardom, provided that it is in accordance with the current study of demand trends, in addition to improving the tourist experience in Egypt and raising the level of quality of services provided to him.

The Minister also stressed during the forum the importance of focusing on the role of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities as a regulator, watchdog, catalyst and enabler, and its role in setting policies and plans aimed at developing the tourism industry in Egypt and ensuring the quality of its competitiveness, in addition to its role as a manager of public spending programs aimed at empowering the private sector. Pointing out that one of the most important aspects of this spending will be to launch various promotional and advertising campaigns to attract more incoming tourism and emphasize the competitiveness of the sector. He explained that the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities aims to double public spending on promotional activities for the Egyptian tourist destination and raise its efficiency, as well as spending on developing archaeological sites and museums, which contributes to providing a distinguished tourism experience for Egyptians and tourists, in addition to developing a systematic plan to raise the efficiency of human resources in the tourism sector, and expand in Relying on modern technological means and applications to keep pace with global developments in the tourism industry, pointing to the importance of completing the development of the legislative environment, moving institutional development to higher levels, and coordinating with the private sector to broader horizons.

The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities indicated that the dream of attracting 30 million tourists is a strategic goal that can be achieved by setting executive plans that are broadly agreed upon in coordination with other relevant ministries.

The minister directed the need for leaders to convey the visions and strategies of work in the ministry that were proposed and discussed to the work teams they chair, in order to ensure work to achieve them.

During the forum’s activities, the minister listened to a number of questions that were raised by the attendees on the topics of discussion, and they were answered to ensure clarity of the ministry’s directions and plans for the coming period.

On the sidelines of the forum, the Minister honored a number of leaders and officials of the Ministry and its affiliated bodies, who have completed their period of service in the Ministry for reaching the legal age to leave the service, in addition to a number of distinguished people who are still in service, in appreciation of the effort and sincerity during their service period in the Ministry.

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