The most important digital transformation projects to raise efficiency in refineries x 7 information

The year 2022 witnessed a number of projects, the first of their kind, to implement a digital transformation and unprecedented technological development in the management of Egyptian oil refineries to raise operating efficiency and achieve the highest levels of optimal economic operation. These projects included the following..

1- The implementation of the ERP resource planning and management system project for refineries affiliated to the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation was completed during the year 2022.

2- The inauguration of the control room and the automated follow-up of the refinery operations, which includes several advanced digital systems such as linear programming systems that help in reaching the highest return from operation, and the systems concerned with accurate follow-up of operations and follow-up of warehouses and refineries’ laboratories.

3- On the other hand, the resource planning and management system for petroleum products distribution companies has been implemented.

4- Starting the implementation of the control and monitoring project for crude oil and petroleum products by establishing a main control center (SCADA) for pipelines in the Egyptian Petroleum Pipeline Company, which aims to control and monitor the circulation and transportation of crude oil and petroleum products.

5- Starting to implement 55 additional projects for resource planning systems, bringing it to 62 projects until December 2022, compared to only 7 projects during 2021.

6- Issuing the financial statements of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation for the first time from the asset planning and resource management system.

7- Completion of the unified platform project for geographic information systems.GIS

It is noteworthy that the year 2022 witnessed the continuation of the implementation of 5 new oil refining and processing complexes and projects in Alexandria, Assiut and Suez to produce high-quality petroleum products to cover the needs of the local market at a total cost of more than $8 billion, including:

1 Expansion of the Midor refinery in Alexandria, with the aim of increasing the refining capacity of the plant by 60%, to produce high-quality petroleum products that comply with European Euro 5 standards, and the project, which has an investment cost of $2.4 billion, will raise the current production capacity of the refinery to reach 160,000 barrels per day. Tarek El-Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, to launch the early operation of the second phase of the MIDOR refinery expansion project, during his inspection visit to follow up on a number of new petroleum projects in Alexandria in May 2022.

2- The ANOPC complex for the production of diesel in Assiut. It aims to establish a complex for the conversion of diesel fuel of low economic value, with a feeding capacity of 2.5 million tons annually, and converting it into high-quality petroleum products (diesel-high-octane gasoline-butane gas -…), and its investment cost is about $2.9 billion. .

3- Expansion of the Suez Refinery for the manufacture of petroleum, with the aim of achieving the continuity of safe operation of the production equipment in the coke complex and access to the design feeding capacity of 1.75 million tons annually of diesel fuel to maximize the quantities of high-quality petroleum products (especially diesel, butane gas and gasoline) in order to contribute to meeting the needs of the local market. of petroleum products.

4- Establishing an air distillation complex at the Assiut Oil Refining Company. A crude distillation complex is underway at the Assiut Refinery with a production capacity of 5 million tons annually, and a gas recovery project attached to it, in order to cover the needs of the local market for petroleum products of high economic value, including diesel, gasoline and butane.

5- The condensate distillation project (CDU) and the gas recovery project for the production of VRU butane at the Nasr Petroleum Refinery in Suez, where a condensate distillation project is being established with a feeding capacity of 1.2 million tons annually of condensate, in order to produce petroleum products of high economic value (naphta – solar – kerosene – butane gas – …)

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