The most prominent of them is Salah Pasha.. 3 professionals apologize for joining the youth team camp

The technical staff of the youth team, led by Mahmoud Jaber, received an apology from Mostafa Ashraf, the German player of Borussia Moenchengladbach, and Salah Pasha, the Italian player of Udinese, for their association with official matches, while Omar Abdel Majid, the Hamburg player, apologized for the injury.

The team’s list included: “Ahmed Nader El-Sayed, Mohamed Adel Amin, Mustafa Makhlouf and Karim Ahmed Nabil in goalkeepers, Khaled Mohamed Awad, Mahmoud Bassiouni, Omar Fayed, Abdel-Rahman Gouda, Mohamed Kamal, Islam Abdullah Al-Metwally, Ahmed Reda, Iyad Al-Asqalani, Youssef Shaaban, Karim Al-Dabis and Raafat Khalil in a line.” The defense, Tariq Alaa, Mohamed Fares, Ahmed Bayoumi, Ahmed Ali Amin, Mido Nabil, Mohamed Hamdi, Ramez God preserves, Mahmoud Ali, Ahmed Abdel Rahim Isho, Ahmed Nader Hawash, Omar Al-Saei and Abdel Rahman Ahmed Zaki in the midfield, Ahmed Sharif, Bilal Mazhar, Faris Hatem, Abdel Rahman Al-Fayoumi and Mahmoud Ahmed Morsi in offensive line.

The officials of the Football Association agreed with their counterparts in the Beninese Federation to organize two friendlies for the youth team in front of Benin at the Pharaohs youth camp, which starts next Thursday in preparation for the African Nations Youth Championship.

The Benin youth team is scheduled to arrive in Cairo within days, in preparation for the two friendly matches, through which Mahmoud Jaber and his technical staff seek to raise the technical and physical level of the players before the tournament that Egypt will host next February.

The Football Association had addressed several federations in the last period to organize friendly matches for the youth team to prepare players for the African Nations Championship.

The technical staff of the national team monitored in the last period the performance of the professional players, before choosing the best among them to represent the team, and the technical staff also preferred to cancel any camp for the team during the current October, so that the Olympic team could benefit from 7 or 8 players from the youth team. Micale expressed his desire to use

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