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The most wonderful examples of loyalty.. An Egyptian donates two-thirds of her liver to save her husband’s life

An Egyptian teacher set the most wonderful examples of love, giving, and loyalty when she donated two-thirds of her liver to save her husband’s life, after he was just around the corner from certain death.

Al-Sharqiya Governorate, north of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, witnessed this inspiring story, as teacher Heba Attia Ibrahim Al-Gohary, 43, donated two-thirds of her liver to her husband, teacher Ahmed Abdel Hamid, to save his life after his health deteriorated after he was exposed to cirrhosis and tumors in the liver.

The story began with the engagement

The teacher tells the story to “” and says that it began 17 years ago when her husband proposed to her to ask her for her hand and got engaged to her family in the city of Belbeis. And he gives her the option to complete the engagement and continue their marriage project or dissolve it at that time.

She added that she consulted her father and mother because she is their only daughter, and her father told her that this is God’s destiny, and a healthy person may die suddenly, and God writes life for someone who is sick with an incurable disease, so she decided to complete the engagement and marriage.

The Egyptian teacher pointed out that their marriage produced four children, all of whom were in different stages of education, and throughout that period her husband did not make her angry, and was dedicated to making her happy and the happiness of her children, as she was like a father, brother and husband, especially after the death of her father and mother, noting that the virus began in the years The latter is vigorously active and hits her husband’s liver fiercely, until he is afflicted with cirrhosis. Then the major disaster was the presence of tumors on the liver.

Dangerous risk

And the Egyptian teacher continues and says that the doctors at Zagazig University Hospital were able to remove the tumor, but her husband’s health condition deteriorated after that due to another cirrhosis of the liver, and the doctors told him to search for a donor for two-thirds of his liver, provided that the operation was performed free of charge at the expense of the state’s health insurance.

The loyal teacher to her husband indicated that the husband started his journey in searching for a donor among his relatives, but he collided with everyone’s refusal, adding that she immediately offered him the donation, but he refused for fear that something bad would happen to them together, and therefore their children would be without a breadwinner, asking her to cancel the idea completely and stressing that he would accept his destiny. He leaves her to take care of the children after him.

She adds that she succeeded in persuading him after the results of the examinations were identical, and the operation was completed successfully and his health condition improved, in addition to that her condition was not affected, noting that things returned to normal and was a reason, after God, to save her husband’s life to continue with him the journey of struggle and raising children.

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