The movie “Al-Hara” raises controversy in Jordan.. Indecent words

The Jordanian street is still in a state of controversy after the movie “Al-Hara” was shown to the public Netflix platformBecause of the presence of offensive words for public modesty and profanity, the Jordanian citizen is not accustomed to listening to them in Jordanian artistic works.

The events of the film take place in a neighborhood ruled by gossip and violence in East Amman, where a deceitful young man does the impossible to be with his girlfriend, but her mother stands in the way of completing their story, and when a blackmailer’s camera captures a video of them in an intimate situation, the mother secretly resorts to a gang to put an end to what happened. It happens, but things don’t go as planned.

The Jordanian film “Al-Hara” by its director, Basil Ghandour, sparked widespread controversy among Jordanian circles, to the extent that its criticism reached the House of Representatives.

And the movie Al-Hara, starring Imad Azmy, Baraka Rahmani, Munther Rayahna, Maysa Abdel-Hadi, Nadira Omran and Nadim Rimawi.

Investigation demands

In today’s parliamentary session, Representative Muhammad Abu Sa’ilik criticized the film, which is broadcast on the Netflix platform, considering it offensive to the security authorities and the local community, and calling for an investigation with the producers and those in charge of it.

He added, “I demand that those in charge of the Royal Film Commission be held accountable. The commission supported films that distorted the public image of Jordanian society.”

He continued, “The Commission has supported ugly actions and should not be allowed to continue to do so under the royal name that has its prestige and respect.”

Delete words

The director of the Media Authority, Bashir Al-Momani, confirmed earlier that the authority had removed all profanity and scenes that deviate from the values ​​of Jordanian society from the movie “Al-Hara” before allowing it to be shown in Jordanian cinemas.

Al-Momani explained that what was recently shown on the “Netflix” network is what angered people.

For her part, Director of Media and Communication at the Royal Film Commission, Nada Domani, said in press statements that the commission, since its establishment, has been trying to create a creative environment of freedom and does not interfere in the content of the films being filmed, as the content of the film is the freedom and responsibility of the director, stressing that although the film contains words, Controversial and rejected by some, there are those who liked it, and the film won wide acclaim and many awards, including international ones.

It is noteworthy that the movie Al-Hara was shown in Jordanian cinemas between the months of June and August, and was shown by the American network “Netflix”, to join a list of Jordanian works previously shown by the network, such as the movie (Jinn) and the series (Al-Rawabi School).

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