The movie “Al-Hara” reaches the Jordanian Parliament..and a deputy calls for revoking the hero’s nationality

is still controversial “Al-Hara” movie It continues in Jordan, after a deputy under the dome of parliament demanded the withdrawal of Jordanian citizenship from the actor, Munther Rayhaneh, because of his justification for the reality of the film as representing the reality of Jordanian society.

Representative Suleiman Abu Yahya claimed in a legislative session of the House of Representatives that a global network recently showed a group of films that offended Jordan, the Jordanians, and the regions in which the scenes of those films were filmed.

The representative also considered the response of the representative, Munther Rayhaneh, without mentioning his name, during a telephone interview on a Jordanian satellite channel, as “an excuse worse than guilt.”

Abu Yahya called on the artist, Al-Rayhaneh, to act in films that tell the history of Jordan, and to show the citizen’s suffering in light of worry and poverty, calling on lawyers to file a lawsuit against him.

Rayahna defends

The Jordanian actor Rayhana did not remain silent due to the great controversy that took place, and confirmed that the movie “Al-Hara” sheds light on an oppressed group in Jordanian society.

Rayahna confirmed that the reaction to the movie Al-Hara was not negative, stressing that the deeper goal of the film is to show the suffering of people and that group and to reach the marginalization they were subjected to, and that the goal is also not insults.

Rihanna reserved the parliament’s discussion of the movie Al-Hara Under the Dome of Parliament, saying that there were no problems left in Jordan to discuss.

He also pointed out that one of the sessions of the House of Representatives was insulting the divine being.

The Royal Film Commission in Jordan approved the screening of the film after deleting some obscene texts from the work, which was broadcast in Jordanian cinemas between June and August.

The events of the Oscar-nominated Al-Hara movie take place in a suffocated neighborhood, where bad social phenomena spread to people’s behavior, such as gossip and violence.
The film is directed by Bassel Ghandour, who also co-wrote it.

Big attack on the movie

The movie “Al-Hara” has been subjected to a major attack since it was shown on Netflix in January, without deleting insults and profanity in its scenes.

The events of the film take place in a neighborhood ruled by gossip and violence in East Amman, where a deceitful young man does the impossible to be with his girlfriend, but her mother stands in the way of completing their story, and when a blackmailer’s camera captures a video of them in an intimate situation, the mother secretly resorts to a gang to put an end to what happened. It happens, but things don’t go as planned.

The Jordanian film “Al-Hara” by its director, Basil Ghandour, sparked widespread controversy among Jordanian circles, to the extent that its criticism reached the House of Representatives.

And the movie Al-Hara, starring Imad Azmy, Baraka Rahmani, Munther Rayahna, Maysa Abdel-Hadi, Nadira Omran and Nadim Rimawi.

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