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The National Emergency and Safety Network.. Connecting all centers to a system for receiving notifications on the unified number 112

A recent study issued by the Egyptian Center for Thought and Strategic Studies said that cooperation has taken place with all concerned parties to implement the directives of the political leadership issued in July 2020, to establish the National Network for Emergency and Public Safety to be the backbone of the communications of the administrative authorities in the state, and to generalize the use of its services, capabilities and applications to achieve complete control and cooperation. Between all concerned parties within the framework of an advanced wireless mobile network that is secured and in accordance with international standards to quickly contain and respond to emergency situations.

And the study continued: Indeed, all administrative, financial and organizational measures have been taken in this regard until the implementation of the first successful indicative model of the network in May 2021, with the participation of all concerned government agencies, to determine the best conception of the Egyptian model for risk and emergency management.

The study added: The Egyptian model of the emergency and risk management system relies on the secured infrastructure of the network, a digital platform for mobile applications, complementary systems and various terminal ends that are made available with unified control centers (fixed and mobile) in the governorates and regions, up to the main control center for countries, and all these centers were linked to a system Receiving citizen reports on the unified number of emergency services 112 for a quick response to all citizen reports.

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