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The new Abu Ghaleb Bridge connects Giza to Menoufia and facilitates movement from east to west of the Nile.. Video

published Giza Through its official page on YouTube, a video of the construction work of the new Abu Ghalib bridge in the center and city of Manshaat al-Qanater, indicating that the completion rate of the project has reached 65%, and work is under way to link the city of Ashmoun with Menoufia and the city of Abu Ghalib with Giza and facilitate the movement of citizens and reduce ferry accidents..

The governorate explained that the Abu Ghalib Bridge, which is being constructed in Al-Rih Al-Buhairi, is under the Prime Minister’s decision Dr. Mostafa MadboulyIt is part of the Egyptian government’s plan to construct 65 axis on the Nile from Rosetta to Aswan. In order to facilitate the movement of citizens between the eastern and western branches of the Nile, to achieve the highest levels of safety and to deal with accidents of sinking ferries..

She pointed out that with the construction of the Abu Ghalib axis, the total number of axes in the distance from Qanatir al-Khairiya to the Khatatba Bridge on the regional ring road with a length of 42 km will reach 4 axes on the Nile, with an interval of about 10 to 12 km between each axis and another. This is to facilitate the movement of citizens, reduce ferry accidents, link the main roads east and west of the Nile, and serve residential communities and various urban development areas..

And the Ministry of Transport had confirmed that it is implementing, through the Public Authority for Roads and Bridges, 10 bridges on the Buhairi winds, including 4 car bridges (Al-Khattbeh – Al-Breijat – Abu Al-Khawi – Kafr Bolin, and 6 bridges for pedestrians (Al-Damashli – Izbat Al-Sad – Al-Sawwaf – Zawiyat Al-Bahr). – Abu Khatwa – Muhanna facility) at a total cost of about 2 billion pounds, within the framework of the implementation of the project to construct concrete bridges above Al-Riyah Al-Behairi as a substitute for ferries after the sinking of the Damishli village ferryboat without a request from the people, but out of the moral and social responsibility of the state towards the residents of these areas.

She pointed out that after planning the bridges and at the request of the people of the villages of Wardan, Atris, Kafr Abu Al-Hadid, Wardan station, Taftish Wardan and many neighboring villages in northern Giza, the Ministry of Transport contributed to the implementation of a pedestrian bridge over Al-Riyah Al-Buhairi and the railway lines at Wardan station on the Bashtil / Al-Ittihad / Al-Qabbari railway line. In the amount of 4.5 million pounds, which costs 13.5 million pounds, and the rest of the cost is borne by the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation and the Giza Governorate, in addition to the exemption from any fees or supervision of implementation..

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