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The owner of the “They Got Married Quickly” Incident.. The Public Prosecution Office reveals the results of the investigation

10:19 PM

Sunday 01 January 2023

Books – Tariq Samir:

The Public Prosecution is conducting investigations into accusing Yasser Al-Qurashi of interfering in a public office and intentionally broadcasting false news.

In a statement on Sunday evening, the Public Prosecution stated that the Department of the Statement in the Office of the Public Prosecutor monitored the circulation of publications transmitted by a person called Yasser Al-Qurashi on various social networking sites, calling on people in them under the name of “the legal official” to expedite the completion of marriage procedures during the current month of January, before the issuance of the new family law. On the pretext that his texts oblige those who propose marriage to pay an amount that may reach fifty thousand pounds in the family fund, contrary to the truth.

And the Public Prosecution, in conjunction with the circulation of these publications, received a letter from the Courts and Judicial Claims Sector of the Ministry of Justice requesting an investigation with the aforementioned, who was proven by the Department of Notaries and Notaries in the sector that he had not worked as authorized before, and that he acknowledged this during his discussion in the sector, confirming that he is the person appearing in the publications circulating on the communication sites claiming not He published it, adding that he undertakes the work of marriage licenses and documenting marriage contracts with the authorization of the legal marriage officer of the Fawala district of Abdeen district. The competent prosecution launched investigations.

The police investigations responded to the validity of the claim of the accused Yasser – and his fame as Yasser Al-Qurashi – that he worked as a legally authorized person who was not true, and that he published false news on his page on a social networking site as it was circulated on social networking sites, intending from that financial profit and achieving fame and spread, and the investigations added that he obtained An authorization from one of the legal Ma’zouns to carry out his work duties and assist him by appearing on his behalf and filling out the marriage contract data and divorce certificates in their own books after receiving them from him.

The Public Prosecution interrogated the accused, Yasser, regarding the accusations attributed to him, so he acknowledged the validity of his offer, the publication circulated on his personal page on a social networking site with the intent of making financial gain, and that the page is available for everyone to follow and view its content, stressing that in his capacity as an assistant to the legal officer referred to in investigations, his role is limited to filling Drafts of marriage contracts, divorce certificates, approval of the legal formula, offer and acceptance, without writing them down in official documents such as books and contracts, and by interrogating the aforementioned legal officer, he decided with the same content as the other’s statement regarding his role being limited to filling out draft contracts only.

The Public Prosecution ordered the detention of the accused, Yasser, for 4 days pending investigations, and the release of the accused legal officer if he paid a financial guarantee of five thousand pounds, and investigations are being completed.

The accused, Yasser Al-Qurashi, called on those applying for marriage to quickly “write the book” (the contract), after his personal page published rumors about obliging the husband to pay large sums of money to the Family Fund to organize marriage to reduce the rise in divorce cases among newly married couples, saying, “Get married quickly.” Oh guys,” and new details emerged in the incident, and how he was able to carry out the work of the permit without authorizing him or obtaining permission to do so.

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